People Are Pissed AF About The Quality Of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Glosses

Kylie, what’s good?

1. When it comes to Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit, fans are completely, utterly, fantastically, outrageously ~OBSESSED~.

Jenner — whose products have sold out in minutes each time they’re restocked — claimed that she broke Google Analytics with all of the fans shaking down her website for the goods.

2. I MEAN…

@e_denim / Via Twitter: @e_denim

3. But makeup artist and model Jeffree Star — who happens to have one of the most successful lipstick businesses today — is NOT impressed.

Nah, honey.

4. Star, who is a fan of Jenner’s, took to Twitter this week to talk about the questionable lip gloss *brush*:

@JeffreeStar / Via Twitter: @JeffreeStar

5. And he brought up professionalism…

@JeffreeStar / Via Twitter: @JeffreeStar

6. And the customer experience…

@JeffreeStar / Via Twitter: @JeffreeStar

7. And how Jenner plans to right a wrong…

@JeffreeStar / Via Twitter: @JeffreeStar

8. And the brand’s integrity…

@JeffreeStar / Via Twitter: @JeffreeStar

9. And shortly after he tweeted his thoughts, other customers came forward with their bogus gloss brushes:

@yoMallory / Via Twitter: @yoMallory

10. And they were def not happy.

@kekerichards / Via Twitter: @kekerichards

11. :(

@TiaraLynnRay / Via Twitter: @TiaraLynnRay

12. ;(

@x3_Michii / Via Twitter: @x3_Michii

13. Star retweeted a bunch of his followers’ complaints and responded to their collective disappointment:

@JeffreeStar / Via Twitter: @JeffreeStar

14. To which Kylie Jenner stepped in and made things right:

@kyliecosmetics / Via Twitter: @kyliecosmetics

15. After Jenner announced that customers would be getting new wands, Star made his final remarks:

@JeffreeStar / Via Twitter: @JeffreeStar

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