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15 Hairstyles Girls Wished Guys Would Get

Whether your hair is long, short, curly, natural, or straight.

Mix up your hairstyle with some inspiration from these dapper dudes.

Alison Caporimo

Here's how to style your hair like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Adam Levine, and more...

1. The Gentlemanly Justin Timberlake

This style works great if you have a haircut with short hair (6 mm long) on the sides and long hair (10 mm long) on top. Create a part that starts at the corner of your eyebrow. Add a clay styling product (like this one used in the tutorial) and blow-dry with your fingers. Watch the how-to video here.

2. The Curly Bun Orlando Bloom

Blow dry hair with a diffuser to prevent curls from getting frizzy. Pull hair to the back of the head and use a hair tie to secure the bun. Slide the end of a comb underneath the hair around the face to loosen the look. Get the full tutorial here.

3. The Short Donald Glover

Wash hair with a sulfate-fee shampoo and follow with a thick conditioner. Put a plastic shower cap on (while hair is still wet) and let sit for 2 minutes. Take off the shower cap and use your fingers to apply a deep conditioner. Put the shower cap back on and let sit for 15-20 minutes. Then, rinse hair in cold water and add a final moisturizing hair mask. Shake your head back and forth to clump the curls. Get the full tutorial here.


4. The Layered Liam Hemsworth

You need to right cut to get this style, so be sure to bring a photo like this to your barber. Other than that, use your fingertips to work a light-hold wax into your roots and through to the tips of your hair. Get the full tutorial here.

7. The Fresh Olivier Giroud

A little shorter than the Justin Timberlake, this look requires that you blow-dry your hair in an upwards direction. Use a penny-sized amount of sculpting product (like Hanz de Fuko Quicksand used in this video) and your fingertips to comb hair back. Get the tutorial here.


10. The Slicked-Back David Beckham

Apply a matte, volumizing clay (like Vilain Dynamite Clay used here) to dry hair. Run a wide-tooth comb from the front to the back of the head to distribute the product. Run your hands through your hair to loosen the look. Get the full tutorial here.

11. The Wavy Patrick Dempsey

Spritz a light-hold hairspray (like Vilain Sidekick used in this video) to damp hair. Blow dry while running fingers through the hair to keep natural waves intact. Work a dime-sized amount of styling clay (like Vilain Silver Fox used here) through the hair. Get the full tutorial here.

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