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16 Eyebrow Diagrams That Will Explain Everything To You

Brush, tweeze, fill, repeat.

1. Think about your face shape.

2. Figure out the brow shape you want.

3. Here they are on a person IRL:

4. Learn brow terminology.

5. Map out where your eyebrows should begin and end.

6. The measurements should look something like this:

7. Know your shaping tools.

8. And your fill-in tools.

9. Groom stray hairs around thick brows to add definition.

10. Choose a fill-in color that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color for a softer look.

11. Or choose a darker brow shade for a more striking look.

12. Fill in thin brows with a pencil or use brow powder and a brush.

13. Try using a brow stencil.

14. Wet your brow brush for a bolder look when using powder.

15. Get a refined but natural look with brow gel.

16. Use concealer to clean up the edges.