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15 Kids Movie Moments That Scarred You For Life

Is fearstalgia a thing?

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1. When those boys turned into DONKEYS in Pinocchio.


Seriously. A puppet who has all of the emotions of a human child and is self-aware enough to know that he is unloveable to his father is depressing enough. AND THEN KIDS TURN INTO DONKEYS.


5. When Dumbo gets "drunk" and by "drunk" I mean "goes on an acid trip."

6. When your potty training almost went out the window watching the "Night On Bald Mountain" scene in Fantasia.

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Because what children's movie would be complete without an appearance by the Devil himself?


9. When E.T. is dying and the whole ordeal is super realistic and he kind of looks like a dried sausage and it's awful.

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"Phoning home" is sounding like a really good idea right about now.