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    Kendall And Kylie Have A Handbag Line And It's Kinda Cute

    And it's pricey as hell.

    In April, Kendall and Kylie Jenner dropped the *bomb* that their contemporary line was going to include BAGS.

    But now, THE TIME HAS COME.

    Their collection includes adult backpacks:

    Yes, they're leather. You can find the black backpack here and the grey one here.

    Damn pricey totes:

    You can find the navy one here and the electric blue one here.

    Some cross-body bags that'll set your wallet on FIRE:

    Here's where you can find the black one and the red one.

    Also, it wouldn't be a K +K product without attention to detail (like these $95 keychains fashioned after Kylie's dogs):

    Meet Bambi and Norman in leather and faux fur form — they're inspired by Fendi's $$$ Karlito keychains.

    See the resemblance?

    You can also see where some of their inspo came from:

    Like this Kendall + Kylie bag that's a total knock-off of Kendall's fave Celine bag.

    You can check out the full collection here.