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    This Little Girl With Down Syndrome Just Launched Her Modeling Career

    Cue all the feels.

    Meet Cora Slocum, a four-year-old with Down syndrome.

    Priscilla Gragg / Via Livie & Luca

    Cora is featured in footwear brand Livie & Luca’s Fall 2015 back to school ads.

    Priscilla Gragg / Via Livie & Luca

    Livie & Luca teamed up with Changing The Face of Beauty, a nonprofit that fights for equal representation of people with disabilities in media and advertising.

    Cora was recruited along with other kids for #ImGoingBackToSchoolToo, a campaign that seeks visibility for young people with disabilities.

    Roughly 13% of kids that are going back to school have a disability.

    Priscilla Gragg / Via Livie & Luca

    "People living with a disability make up the largest minority in the world yet the least represented in the general media and advertising," Katie Driscoll, the president and founder of Changing the Face of Beauty, tells BuzzFeed Life. And this needs to change.

    Cora was such a natural in front of the camera, Livie & Luca is working with her again for their spring/summer 2016 catalog.

    Priscilla Gragg / Via Livie & Luca

    "We want any child to be able to see our ads and see a reflection of themselves," Allison Charvat, marketing and communications manager for Livie & Luca, tells BuzzFeed Life. "All children should feel seen and be celebrated."

    They hope to provide a more beautiful representation of kids going back to school today.

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