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19 Insane Things That Were Actually Acceptable In The '60s

Because if ironing your hair with an actual iron hasn't killed you yet, nothing can.

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If you're reading this and your birthday is pre-1970, you've already won...

At Darwin's game of survival, that is! Why? Because you've been through some crazy experimental and neglectful shit in your time and the fact that you aren't wearing a permanent pair of crazy pants means you must be evolved or something!!!

Here are some "normal" things from your childhood that are actually insane...


9. Gunpowder toys were fun for the whole family! / Via

The trusty Gilbert Chemistry Set contained chemicals like highly flammable potassium permanganate and ammonium nitrate (a chemical used in homemade bombs). The fact that any nerds survived into their adult years is amazing.

10. But not quite as much fun as playing with hot metal and molten plastic.

Creepy Crawlers taught valuable life lessons like "try not to burn the shit out of yourself" and also "toxic things exist". Because molten plastic is totally skin-friendly.

11. Lead was literally everywhere, all the time. / Via

The July 1904 edition of Sherwin-Williams monthly publication reported that lead paint was "poisonous in a large degree, both for the workmen and for the inhabitants of a house painted with lead colors." But who cares about workmen and your home inhabitants.


19. Hitting people was generally chill.

People who could hit kids: Parents, nuns, priests, rabbis, teachers, grocery clerks, people in suits, people with someplace to be, people who have lawns, old people, and just about everyone else, too.