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    31 Reasons Introvert-Extrovert Couples Are Actually The Best

    You go together like loud, crunchy peanut butter and introspective jelly.

    1. For introvert-extrovert couples, it's all about balance.

    2. When one person gushes about their unfettered love of staying in and watching Netflix...

    3. The other person's just like:

    4. And when you go to a party together, one of you is dancing your heart out.

    5. While the other one has locked themselves in your friend's bedroom to become the cat mayor.

    6. If someone cancels plans on you guys, one of you blows a gasket.

    7. But the other one shares an enlightening ~new~ perspective to make you feel better.

    8. And when you go out to socialize, you don't have to feel guilty about leaving...

    9. Because you know they're just like:

    10. When you come home from work, and one person just CANNOT WAIT to tell you everything about their day.

    11. And the other person doesn't mind listening.

    12. No plans tonight making you spiral into sadness?

    13. Don't worry. They're up to something important that'll make tonight fun.

    14. When they're upset, they come to you and you alone to talk it through.

    15. But they understand that you need to vent to at least 7 different people when you're having a bad day.

    16. If you're feeling nervous about jumping into the conversation at the holiday party...

    17. They'll do something ridiculous to make it easy for you.

    18. When you meet up with your other extroverted friend and the two of you start a TALKING HURRICANE...

    19. They know exactly what to do.

    20. During an argument, one of you gets quiet and feels lost for words.

    21. But the other one has no trouble finding the perfect words to explain.

    22. When you're not interested in making any new friends...

    23. And they get you out of your shell.

    24. When you're both drunk, and you just get kinda shy and smiley.

    25. But then they come over and make you feel more loved than you have in your entire life.

    26. And when you feel like you're burnt out from socializing, but you just can't stop...

    27. They always make you feel better about staying in.

    28. You both work together to find a happy, non-sociopathic medium.

    29. And no one really understands it because you're so damn opposite.

    30. But how compatible you are is like a special little secret.

    31. Because you're so different, but that's what makes you absolutely perfect for each other.