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    This Makeup Artist Transformed Couples Into Old People And It's Cute AF

    Because love lasts a lifetime.

    Meet Stephanie Nadia, a 27-year-old makeup artist and blogger based in Brooklyn, NY.

    Nadia launched her YouTube channel in 2013, and it inspired her to get into makeup artistry (she's self-taught). "What I love more than makeup and creativity are people and their stories," Nadia told BuzzFeed.

    So Nadia put her makeup ~skillz~ to the test and transformed three couples into senior versions of themselves.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    The couples were friends of Nadia, and their relationships spanned from two to six years (two of the three couples are married).

    And the results were STRIKING.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    "No prosthetics or special effects were used to create their looks — just simple cream foundations and eye pencils," Nadia said.

    "Each person took about two hours to transform," she said.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    And during the process, she stayed in the zone. "There were times while I was working on someone, when I snapped out of focus and caught a glimpse of their older selves and was genuinely surprised," she said.


    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    Just agin' like a fine wine over here.

    Next, Nadia had the couples meet face-to-face to see their transformations.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    Drumroll please.

    And their reactions were *priceless*.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    "I didn't expect them to be so shocked. Especially the men. Some of them couldn't stop staring at their ladies," Nadia said.

    Some of the couples could not stop laughing.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    Such cuties.

    While others looked like they might cry.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    So damn sweet.

    "Most of them expressed a deep sense of gratitude for their partners, as they imagined what life would be like decades from now and still in love," Nadia said.

    Stephanie Nadia / Via

    Bestill my heart.

    Watch the full video here:

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