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This Makeup Artist Transformed Couples Into Old People And It's Cute AF

Because love lasts a lifetime.

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Meet Stephanie Nadia, a 27-year-old makeup artist and blogger based in Brooklyn, NY.

Nadia launched her YouTube channel in 2013, and it inspired her to get into makeup artistry (she's self-taught). "What I love more than makeup and creativity are people and their stories," Nadia told BuzzFeed.

So Nadia put her makeup ~skillz~ to the test and transformed three couples into senior versions of themselves.

Stephanie Nadia / Via

The couples were friends of Nadia, and their relationships spanned from two to six years (two of the three couples are married).

And the results were STRIKING.

Stephanie Nadia / Via

"No prosthetics or special effects were used to create their looks — just simple cream foundations and eye pencils," Nadia said.

"Each person took about two hours to transform," she said.

Stephanie Nadia / Via

And during the process, she stayed in the zone. "There were times while I was working on someone, when I snapped out of focus and caught a glimpse of their older selves and was genuinely surprised," she said.

"Most of them expressed a deep sense of gratitude for their partners, as they imagined what life would be like decades from now and still in love," Nadia said.

Watch the full video here:

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