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    Get Paid $12,000 To Drink Beer With This 2016 Summer Internship


    Are you ~obsessed~ with beer?

    And do you LURVVVEEEEE money?

    Then do I have a treat for you...

    World of Beer is looking for three interns to spend four months this summer visiting breweries across the country and abroad.

    The mission: to taste all varieties of beers, attend beer festivals, and post about the adventures on a blog and on social media.

    World of Beer will also pay you $12,000 for your work and cover all your travel expenses.

    To apply, all you need to do is submit an application and make a one-minute video explaining why you're the perfect choice.

    And it doesn't matter if you're still in college, a recent grad, or even an IRL grown-up with a real job...

    Get those resumes ~ready~.