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How To Make The Last-Minute "Frozen" Costume Of Your Dreams

Raid your closet (or your kid's) to look like Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and friends!

Queen Elsa


If you own anything shimmery and blue, put it on. Pair a maxi skirt with an aqua top (unless you held onto your blue prom dress). To take it one step further, make a no-sew Elsa cape. Learn how to get the perfect messy braid and check out this makeup tutorial to finish it off.

Princess Anna


Break out last summer's crop top and blue maxi skirt for this simple Princess Anna look. Style your hair in two braids and add floral accessories. Get the makeup tutorial here.



If you like warm hugs, wear all white (with a brown base layer shirt to make your arms look like twigs). Carry a circular, black bag (or cut out three circles from black construction paper and tape to the front of your outfit). Tie your hair in a high ponytail and follow this makeup tutorial.



Track down every furry thing you've every owned, and you won't have to worry about being cold this Halloween. Buy an antler headband from Forever 21 (under $5) or get crafty with some aluminum foil and duct tape. For baller deer makeup, click here.



Get a princely look by throwing on formal attire — all of it. Don a button-up, vest, blazer, and silk scarf (or tie). But the most important accessory: sideburns. Cut them off of a pair of Elvis sunglasses (a common drugstore costume item) or draw them on with an eyeliner pencil that matches your hair color.



Here is the perfect way to use your fall essentials for a quick, cute costume. Layer on the blush to create Kristoff's rosy, windburned cheeks. And don't forget to carry around a few loops of twine or rope (he's hardly seen without it).

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