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    21 Things Only True Equestrians Will Understand

    You pick up the wrong lead in front of the judge.

    1. You grew up wanting to ride...

    So very badly.

    2. And after you cantered for the first time, you were hooked.

    It felt like flying.

    3. Then you quickly learned that horses see dead people...

    Definition of dead people: Plastic bags, trees, suspicious-looking shrubs, maybe a string, other horses, fences that just aren't so, blankets, anything that has volume or dimension, etc.

    4. And you could tell that a horse used to be a barrel racer because every turn looked like this...


    5. And, after a little while, you found impressive ways to not fall off.


    6. You definitely mucked a paddock for hours and then spilled it all.

    And then maybe cried about it.

    7. And you learned how to clean a sheath for the very first time...

    Using your nails makes it easier.

    8. And then you understood the importance of having strong legs.

    Because we're going...going...ah! stopping...stopped...that's the sky.

    9. And the day after you fall it's all like...

    Not cute.

    10. But of course you got back on.

    11. All the while you're practicing on and off your horse...

    This image means NOTHING to someone who hasn't competed in a horseless horse show.

    12. Then, your horse rolls in poop after you wash him...

    Quic silver + Poop = Not cute

    13. And he throws a shoe right before the show and it's like...

    Of course he did.

    14. And now you're spending all your money on horses...


    15. At the show, you pick up the wrong lead in front of the judge.

    And you bring shame to your barn family.

    16. And you jump the one-stride like it's an oxer.

    It's not your fault that your pony's scopey!

    17. And when you leave, your horse has developed a phobia of the trailer...

    It's not happening, guys.

    18. But now when people ask if you've ever fallen off, you're like...


    19. And if you go a few days without riding, you become delusional...

    Grocery store rides look more and more appealing.

    20. And your barn family became your real family.

    I love you guys!

    21. And your horse is your best friend in all the world.

    It was love at first jump.

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