16 Style Charts Every Groom Should See Before The Wedding

    Here comes the *groom*.

    While shopping for your wedding ~look~, let the pockets instantly tell you how formal a suit is.

    Pick a suit material based on the weather you'll most likely have on your wedding day.

    1. Figure out your perfect lapel type.

    2. And use your lapel to help you choose a tie.

    3. If you're having a black tie reception, know the dress code rules.

    4. If you have a formal reception that's not *quite* black tie, you can leave the cufflinks and cummerbund at home.

    5. For a casual reception, have fun with your suit color and pick lapels that work best for you.

    6. If you're looking into buying a more casual suit, know your patterns.

    7. If you have a daytime or a beach wedding, branch out into lighter colors and fabrics.

    8. Definitely know how to wear a boutonniere.

    9. Want to wear a vest? Make sure it fits like a glove.

    10. Up your knot-tying skills for the big day.

    11. If you're wearing suspenders to the wedding, pick the right width for the event.

    12. Be proficient AF at tying a bowtie.

    13. Determine which bowtie shape works best for you.

    14. And make sure that your bowtie is the right width.

    15. Master the ~art~ of putting on cufflinks.

    16. Make sure your belt matches your shoes and that it's not too thick.

    Now go forth and MARRY.