16 Subtle Harry Potter Tattoos That Are So Damn Magical

    "What a cute geometric tattoo," says the Muggle.

    1. Teeny tiny signifiers that you're a Potterhead.

    2. A delicate stag to the outside world (and an iconic Patronus to you).

    3. "What a pretty geometric tattoo," says the Muggle.

    4. An almost invisible spell tattoo.

    5. A string of geometric shapes that correspond to the symbols on Sirius's wand.

    6. "Such a cool abstract piece," the Muggle says.

    7. A striking umbrella because you totally just love rain paraphernalia.

    8. An ode to your favorite word (with some magic hidden among the letters).

    9. A cute little elixir bottle that you lovingly call Felix Felicis.

    10. "Is that your cat's age?" asks the Muggle.

    11. A hidden little symbol to hold close to your heart.

    12. "Cool key," says the person who clearly doesn't know who Professor Filius Flitwick is.

    13. A trio of tiny stars inspired by the book's illustrations.

    14. "What a pretty bird," says your Muggle friend.

    15. A hybrid creature that has so much meaning.

    16. And lastly, a brilliant castle silhouette (also known as your home, Hogwarts).

    Magical tattoos 4ever.