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15 Little Hacks To Upgrade Your New Year's Eve

Start the new year off right.

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4. If you're wearing heels (but you usually hate every second of it), tape your toes.

Augusta Falletta / BuzzFeed

These two toes share a nerve that can become strained when the toes are separated, which can happen when you’re wearing heels for too long. Taping the toes together can help to alleviate any pain. (It really works!)

6. Line the inside of a shoe with a panty liner to absorb sweat and keep your foot from slipping.

Augusta Falletta / BuzzFeed

Added bonus: Removing the liner at the end of the day will also remove any foot odor.


8. Layer a turtleneck under a party dress so you can wear your favorite outfit without freezing to death.

Get a nonbulky cropped turtleneck from Forever 21 for $7.90 (sizes S–L) or a layering turtleneck from Land’s End for $29.50 (sizes XS–3X).


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