15 Little Hacks To Upgrade Your New Year's Eve

    Start the new year off right.

    1. Have someone in your crew wear a flask tie.

    2. Or rock a bra flask for boobalicious booziness.

    3. Get a pair of fleece-lined tights.

    4. If you're wearing heels (but you usually hate every second of it), tape your toes.

    5. Sandpaper the soles of unworn shoes for better traction.

    6. Line the inside of a shoe with a panty liner to absorb sweat and keep your foot from slipping.

    7. Use Strappy Strips Foot Cushions in the straps of your heels to keep from getting cuts and blisters.

    8. Layer a turtleneck under a party dress so you can wear your favorite outfit without freezing to death.

    9. Wearing cute boots for NYE? Winterize them with a pair of Ugg liners for an extra dose of warmth and cushion.

    10. If you're wearing pants and heels, try Keysocks.

    11. Keep a microwaveable rice pack in your coat pocket.

    12. Use a tiny Bluetooth tracker if you always lose your shit when you're out partying.

    13. To get your pregame started off right, try this spin-the-shot game.

    14. Throw on a faux-fur collar to the coat you already have for a little extra ~glam~.

    15. And lastly, become a hit at every bar with a mini keychain breathalyzer.