13 Gross Things All Girls Do With Their Hair

    Three words: playing with pubes.

    1. Not. Washing. Your. Damn. Hair.

    2. And then just hiding your greasy hair under a hat.

    3. Scratching your hair after not washing it for a few days and getting a mixture of dry shampoo gunk and oil stuck underneath your nails.

    4. Pulling long strands of hair out of your butt on the reg.

    5. Creating beautiful hair portraits in the shower that your entire household can appreciate.

    6. Stroking your prickly AF legs and loving every second of it.

    7. Acting like it's totally normal to wear hair ties ~covered~ in hair on your wrist for all to see.

    8. Forgetting to put on the drain cover again and again, resulting in a matted hair clog.

    9. Also, mistaking your hair clogs for huge spiders when they float up from the drain to haunt you.

    10. Digging out ingrown hairs and enjoying it oh-so much.

    11. Owning a hairbrush that's basically a small dog.

    12. Shaving in the sink (because you forgot to do it in the shower), and leaving a ton of little hairs in every nook and cranny.

    13. And lastly, always touching your pubes for no reason at all.

    Gross girls of the world, UNITE.