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13 Greeting Cards That Mean Well, But Are Just Making It Worse

Thanks, but no thanks.

1. "Oh, how sweet! A card from my niece! And it reads: For a special..."

2. Perfect for those with familicidal tendencies.

Revenge, at last!

3. For that fork in the marital road.

Paolo Tagliaferri / Via Flickr: vortexmind

Which do you choose?

4. When you're like: Is it though?

5. For the cat with opposable thumbs.

eastsiderepp / Via

And some money in the bank.

6. When you're in the will.

And there's no prenup.

7. When you're all like: Lo siento, pero...


8. When no one's hiding it anymore.

Not even your mother.

9. When you lose a job and you're like...Yay?

10. For never.

Like never ever.

11. To traumatize your children with...

"Jimmy, we have something to tell you..."

12. For total creepers...

In case you can't read that type, it says: I want to love every inch of you. Nope.

13. When you want to make someone thoroughly uncomfortable.

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