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    19 Gifts Every Proud Feminist Will Absolutely Adore

    Get your gear and fight the patriarchy.

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    1. A set of rainbow pencils stamped with Michelle Obama's words of wisdom.

    Inspirational pencils FTW.

    Get it from Feminist Pencils for $12.

    2. A pair of cozy slider slippers to put on after a long day of fighting the patriarchy.

    These slippers feature super-soft lining and non-slip soles.

    Buy them from ASOS for $18.50.

    3. A sticker that you'll want on every notebook/laptop case/phone cover/planner in sight.

    This vinyl sticker belongs everywhere.

    Buy it from TheFive15 for $1.19.

    4. A sweatshirt that truly understands what it means to be a feminist.

    A cozy sweatshirt you can wear at the protest and at home.

    Get it from Red Bubble for $60.

    5. A graphic pin that understands that you like to GET SHIT DONE.


    These hard enamel lapel pins are sealed in a clear sleeve, ready for gifting.

    Get one from Tictail for $12.

    6. A notebook to keep track of all of your ideas.

    Takin' names.

    Get it from Red Bubble for $24.95.

    7. A mug that truly understands your motivators.

    This badass mug is made from a small studio in Spring Hill, Florida.

    Get it from Dellea Designs for $15.

    8. A tee that totally gets your #freethenipple agenda.

    This shirt comes in unisex sizing ranging from small to large.

    Get it from Girl Got Rhythm for $18.08.

    9. A necklace that reminds you to stay strong.

    These statement necklaces come in gold- or silver-plated brass. All jewelry is handmade from a studio in Greenville, North Carolina.

    Get it from Jewelry VV for $22.

    10. A tee to show that you ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will fight for everyone to have equality.

    Printed and designed in-house in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Sizes range from XS to XXL.

    Get it from Capital Laundry for $15.

    11. A lovely banner to hang above your bed.

    This glittery sign comes on a long satin cord.

    Get it from Fox Fete for $16.

    12. A sweatshirt that tells cat-callers to STFU.

    Relaxed fit + cotton = Yes.

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $39.

    13. A simple shirt that stands with mankind.


    This super comfy, oversized tee is utter perfection. For each t-shirt purchased, Reformation will donate $30 to the ACLU.

    Get it from Reformation for $50.

    14. An on-point floral print to hang for all to see.

    This floral print is a reproduction of an original watercolor painting, and the Pale Fox Designs Shop has 200 5-star reviews. One review reads: "Gorgeous! Makes me happy every time I look at it." —bridgetjones318

    Get it from Pale Fox Designs for $10.50.

    15. A simple anatomical tote to show pride.


    This 100% organic cotton tote is designed by Swedish artist Henny Ekman.

    Get it from Tictail for $17.

    16. A tee to truly get inspired.

    This shirt was created by the Youth Collaborative, a nonprofit outreach that teaches empowerment to urban teens through entrepreneurship and the arts. All proceeds go towards the operational costs of their organization. Learn more about it here.

    Get it from Youth Collaborative for $12.

    17. Pretty and delicate earrings that make a damn statement.


    These sterling silver earrings are handmade by Swedish designer Caroline Hjerpe.

    Get them from Tictail for $74.

    18. Cool, colorful stickers to personalize all of your stuff.

    These waterproof stickers are printed on vinyl and hand cut.

    Get them from The Wednesday's Art for $2.

    19. And lastly, perfect porcelain pour-over coffee funnels, because boobs are beautiful.


    These boobalicious funnels are hand thrown and sit directly on top of the vessel you are brewing into. Use with standard coffee filters or foldable Chemex filters. Fancy stuff.

    Get one from Tictail for $50.

    Let's get to ~werk~.