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    19 Gifts Every Proud Feminist Will Absolutely Adore

    Get your gear and fight the patriarchy.

    1. A set of rainbow pencils stamped with Michelle Obama's words of wisdom.

    2. A pair of cozy slider slippers to put on after a long day of fighting the patriarchy.

    3. A sticker that you'll want on every notebook/laptop case/phone cover/planner in sight.

    4. A sweatshirt that truly understands what it means to be a feminist.

    5. A graphic pin that understands that you like to GET SHIT DONE.

    6. A notebook to keep track of all of your ideas.

    7. A mug that truly understands your motivators.

    8. A tee that totally gets your #freethenipple agenda.

    9. A necklace that reminds you to stay strong.

    10. A tee to show that you ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will fight for everyone to have equality.

    11. A lovely banner to hang above your bed.

    12. A sweatshirt that tells cat-callers to STFU.

    13. A simple shirt that stands with mankind.

    14. An on-point floral print to hang for all to see.

    15. A simple anatomical tote to show pride.

    16. A tee to truly get inspired.

    17. Pretty and delicate earrings that make a damn statement.

    18. Cool, colorful stickers to personalize all of your stuff.

    19. And lastly, perfect porcelain pour-over coffee funnels, because boobs are beautiful.

    Let's get to ~werk~.