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    15 Game-Changing Beauty Charts If You Suck At Makeup

    Makeup your ~mind~.

    1. Layer skin care products in the right order for the perfect canvas.

    2. To find your true foundation match, test it on your neck.

    3. Remember that color-correcting is your BFF when it comes to acne and hyperpigmentation.

    4. Pretend like you have your life together by perfectly concealing your dark circles.


    6. And know that there's a whole separate set of makeup brushes JUST FOR EYE MAKEUP.

    7. Keep in mind which products expire quickly so that you can replace them in time.

    8. And also remember the ones that take a little longer to expire.

    9. Get acquainted with the different areas of your eye when it comes to ~makeup~.

    10. Apply eye makeup that enhances your eyes' natural shape.

    11. To quickly brighten your eyes, apply a shimmery powder to the brow bone and the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

    12. When you’re shaping your eyebrows, remember these three angles.

    13. Consider your face shape when applying blush.

    14. Use lip liner to play up your lips' best *features*.

    15. If you screw up your lipstick tip, just transfer it to a clean lip gloss pot.