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15 Game-Changing Eyeliner Charts If You Suck At Makeup

Line 'em up up up.

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1. Get acquainted with the different areas of your eye when it comes to ~makeup~. / Via

Here are the terms you need to know:

1. Inner corner

2. Mid lid

3. Outer corner or outer V

4. Crease

5. Lower brow bone

6. Brow bone or highlight area

7. Waterline

8. Lower lash line

9. Inner corner of lower lash line


6. Brush up on the names of the most popular eyeliner techniques.

Aesthetic Surgery Clinic / Via

Knowing the proper terms for a specific eye look can seriously help your YouTube tutorial search. Or, if you're feeling hella lazy, walk into Sephora and ask for a thin flick and they'll know what you're talking about.


8. If you have a shaky hand, just connect the dots.

This trick makes it a lot easier to get a smooth, straight line. Once you graduate from dots, try to connect dashes. You'll know you've officially made it when you can smoothly draw a complete line.

10. For a quick trick to get a perfect cat eye, draw an acute triangle from the middle of your lid outward and fill it in.

Iheartmakeupart / Via Instagram: @iheartmakeupart

This technique works great with a gel liner and an angled or precision liner brush.

11. For a more dramatic cat eye, draw a triangle from the outer corner and connect it to the lower lash-line.

Pro tip: Use Scotch tape to section off the triangle, then apply the liner, and peel off the tape for a crisp line.


13. Tightline your eyes to make them look *striking* AF.

Beautylish / Via

Tightlining means applying liner to the top and bottom waterlines for a clean look that makes your eyes pop. To learn the tricks of tightlining, go here.