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    9 Cute Things Worth Buying This Summer

    And they're all under $50!

    1. New York & Company Maddie Skirt — $32.47

    I've been on the lookout for a summer skirt that's mid-length, high-waisted, white and not completely see-through, which was proving to be surprisingly difficult. But the Maddie skirt was really love at first sight. It gets softer with each wash, but even more importantly, it has POCKETS. I usually pair it with a basic tee and sandals for a minimal look. —Jenny Chang

    2. Nylon Shop Breakfast Time Jumper — $24.99

    There are some things that you just put on your body and they make you want to high five a million angels. That's how I feel in this breakfast-themed sweatshirt. Lightweight and cozy, this white sweatshirt features a milk carton, an egg, and two positively adorable slices of bacon. I love wearing it with loose-fitting jeans and metallic Birkenstock knock-offs. —Alison Caporimo

    3. Off Duty Full Moon Messenger Bag — $40

    I find myself carrying this bag most days of the week. It's big enough to carry beach towels, multiple big books, yard sale surprises, and other unwieldy stuff I end up lugging around during the summer — plus as a kind of clumsy, messy person, I appreciate that it's such a sturdy material and that it's black. It's not the cheapest tote you'll ever come across, but it's lasted me way longer than the standard (and generally not as cool) bags I've had before. —Nora Whelan

    4. Uniqlo Slim Boyfriend Fit Ankle Length Jeans — $29.90

    After giving birth to my two older brothers, my mother always dressed me in girlie girl outfits even though I just wanted to wear jeans and a baseball tee like Vada from My Girl. Now that I'm older, I've embraced my girlie side while living out my tomboyish dreams. These slouchy, comfy boyfriend jeans from Uniqlo (I got a pair last summer, but here is the same fit in a different wash) are the perfect example. I like to pair them with a feminine, floaty top, and some strappy sandals, and then daydream about climbing trees. —Tashween Ali

    5. Casio Leather Analog Watch — $15

    I've wanted a wristwatch for a long time, but felt paralyzed by the idea that I was supposed to "make a statement" with it. That is until I found a treasure trove of cheap, cute Casio watches for sale on Amazon. After just a few minutes of browsing, I found the timepiece of my dreams: a sweet little analog model with a white plastic face on a skinny, mint-green leather band. It barely cost more than I spend on a single lunch, and it makes me happy every day. —Rachel Sanders

    6. Bereola Crown Tee — $35

    I'm a bit of a minimalist when it comes to style, so I love a plain white tee with some sort of dope word to make a simple outfit pop. I'm obsessed with this Crown tee because it's cute as it is empowering—right away you know I consider myself a queen without me having to say a word. The shirt is also great because it's that nice soft t-shirt cotton (as opposed to the stiffer, boxier kind), allowing me to dress it down with jeans or up with a skirt and heels. —Sylvia Obell

    7. New Look Pelican Buckle Heeled Sandals — $46

    Obviously black sandals and shoes go with everything, so it's hard to justify branching out and bothering with anything else. But these shiny, silvery New Look sandals were only $46 AND they managed to be kinda retro '90-ish AND super modern at the same time. So basically they're just about perfect. I wear them with skirts, skinny jeans, and on days when all-black feels just too boring. —Julie Gerstein

    8. H&M Glittery Pants — $25

    9. Lou & Grey Motif Muscle Shirt — $34.99

    I'm always looking for a shirt that looks great with a motorcycle jacket, a jean jacket, and can also hold its own if it really is too hot for layering. This shirt is perfect because it's super lightweight, doesn't cling, and doesn't gape at the chest (#bigboobproblems). It's flattering without being formfitting, which makes me feel comfortable and confident. —Mackenzie Kruvant