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    14 Delicious Two-Ingredient Cocktails That Are Totally Foolproof

    *Drunk you* will thank ~sober you~ for bookmarking this.

    1. A floral and bubbly cocktail to celebrate ~in style~.

    2. This refreshingly fizzy cocktail for something a little different.

    3. This savory twist on your go-to brunch bev.

    4. This addictive combo that's drinkable AF.

    5. This minty sweet cocktail that lets you repurpose your leftover candy canes.

    6. This pink cocktail that'll make you feel warm all over.

    7. This deliciously *healthy* take on a classic cocktail.

    8. This fruity, bubbly cocktail that you'll want to drink for the rest of your life.

    9. This citrusy classic that everyone should master.

    10. This dark, moody cocktail that's going to make you want to put on a smoking jacket and recite poetry.

    11. A sweet, citrusy drink that Beyoncé would 100% approve of.

    12. A creative twist on a whiskey sour that's sure to keep you warm.

    13. This blue cocktail that's a straight-up Goblet of Fire.

    14. And lastly, this sparkling white wine expertly paired with a bar of dark chocolate for a two-ingredient combo that does the work for you.

    Drink up!