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    15 Dollar Store Closet Hacks If You Have Way Too Much Shit

    Get double the storage space with no money down.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

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    1. Use shower curtain rings and a hanger to hang your 2 million tank tops.

    If you're anything like me, you own an abundance of tanks that are usually clogging up your dresser. Since tank tops aren't ~precious~ enough for each one to deserve their own hanger, loop them into shower curtain rings and hang a bunch of them at once.

    2. You can also try this trick with your cap collection using shower curtain rings and a curtain rod.

    Keep your fave baseball caps from getting brutally massacred underfoot. Learn more about it at Passion, Pink, and Pearls.

    3. You can also store your family of tanks on a tie hanger.

    Slide your tank straps onto a tie hanger and call it a day.

    4. Hang your bras on cute bathroom hooks behind your closet door.

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    Worried about your padded bras getting squished? Fret no more. Hang your bras on a series of hooks behind your closet door for quick storage without the risk of any misshaping.

    5. Keep your necklaces in order with simple wall hooks.

    Screw them in. Solve all your problems. Get more information at View Along The Way.

    6. You can also organize jewelry with accordion hooks.

    So easy you wish you'd thought of it sooner.

    7. To keep earrings in order, keep them on a chain.

    Hang a chain between two nails on your closet wall. Then, hook earrings into the loops of the chain for easy hanging. You can also use a chain collar or leash from your dollar store. Learn more about it at Sugar Bee Crafts.

    8. Organize your clutches with a lid rack.

    To keep your clutches on-hand and in-view, organize them right-side-up in a lid rack so you can quickly grab one the next night you and your BFFs are going OUT-out.

    9. Use crown molding for your surplus of heels.

    Are you a shoe addict? Then this tip is about to save your life. Secure crown molding to the inside of your closet wall and hang heels off of the ledge. Also, it looks pretty cute. Get the full tutorial at Geniabeme.

    10. To get double the storage space, use S-hooks and dollar store baskets.

    Get your fave shoes and belts off of the closet floor with cheap baskets that you can secure to your wire shelving.

    11. You can also use a chain of S-hooks, or simply a chain, for vertical storage.

    Create a chain out of S-hooks and loop hangers through them to store 10 different items in one tiny space. Get the tutorial here.

    12. Take advantage of every corner of your closet with this bracket hack.

    To take advantage of every square inch of your storage, use simple wall brackets to hang items just about anywhere. It adds the equivalent of a second rack to your storage system.

    13. Keep your bag collection looking *pristine* with clear dividers.

    While the Polished Habitat shelving above is custom-built, you can get at the same idea with clear file organizers ($13 each) and wall-mounted pockets ($13.99 each) and sorters ($19.99 each). Use the file organizers to keep larger bags upright and keep clutches tidy with the pockets and sorters. To customize a top-notch system for all your bags, visit Polished Habitat.

    14. If you don't have a light in your closet, opt for a rope light.

    You can pick one up from a dollar store or Walmart for under $15. Secure it around the perimeter of the closet door for increased visibility.

    15. And keep your fave stuff off the floor with easy DIY no-slip hangers.

    Wrap pipe cleaners around the ~shoulders~ of your hangers to keep dress straps and sleeves from sliding off. To get the tutorial, visit In My Own Style.

    Now, go forth and get your stuff STORED.