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31 DIY Valentine's Gifts That Will Make Them Love You Even More

Flowers die. Pink Starbursts last forever.

1. Pick all the marshmallows out of a box of Lucky Charms.

2. Put a massive heart on your mirror.

3. Give them a pizza your heart.

4. Say that you chopped down a tree to make this phone case — even though you didn't.

5. Pick all the raisins out of something. Then, take a picture of it.

6. Share your Netflix password.

7. Turn their fave junk food into a cat toy.

8. Assemble a coffee cup bouquet.

9. Brew infused bourbon (and by "brew" we mean put stuff in a bottle of bourbon and leave it there for a week).

10. Create a red and pink Starburst jar.

11. DIY an arrow bookmark — and point to a line of poetry that reminds you of them.

12. Make them a Star Wars mug.

13. Inflate a comfy cuddle puddle.

14. Tell them REESEntly that you love them.

15. Make a dreamcatcher out of straws.

16. DIY soap that reminds them of their fave latte.

17. Etch a cutting board with their favorite family recipe.

18. Dress up their drunk food of choice.

19. Makeover a map from your latest trip together.

20. Write a big candy love letter.

21. Line a small wall with candy buttons.

22. Make a package of cookie dough Oreos.

23. Hand dye gloves.

24. Design a booze bouquet.

25. Bake a heart cake.

26. Create a compliment jar.

27. Make a comforting kit.

28. Trace a heart into a Nutella jar.

29. Have a complete breakfast-in-bed kit ready to go.

30. Give them a literal heart attack.

31. Print out this card.