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Someone Used 500 Dick Pics To Make A Regal Portrait Of Donald Trump

Pixels or dixels?

Tumblr user Homo Power recently posted this impressive portrait of Donald Trump.

Look at that likeness!

Only to reveal that this artful mosaic is actually composed of 500 dick pics.

"I collected the dick pics from around the web, in the public domain, and from blog sites randomly," the Tumblr artist told BuzzFeed Life. "It only took a few hours to make."

The image was posted to Reddit, where people refused to believe that it was actually made of dick pics...

Until a few noble men took one for the team.

It's hard to argue with a close-up.

"I was unhappy with Saturday Night Live’s decision to let Trump host. So creating this mosaic was my evening’s entertainment that night instead," he said. "I slept on whether or not to actually post it. But the next morning, I thought, why not?"


And the artist was shocked by the Internet's response. "There were repeated calls on Tumblr for this to be actually printed, and put in the Museum of Modern Art in New York," he said. "I was stunned."

Either way, some people found poetic meaning to take away from the work.

One Twitter user is even trying to get the man himself to retweet it.

Twitter: @IAmDaltos

All in the name of art.

♬ You can paint with all the colors of the DICKSSSSSSSSS. ♬

Alison Caporimo

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