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A Dating Site For Disney Fans Exists Because Magic Is Real

So you can live happily ever after.

Sometimes signing up for a dating site can feel like walking into the Elephant Graveyard.


It's soooo scary.

And no one you date seems to get your ~priorities~.

Which is why it's time for you to meet your new online fairy godmother.


Welcome to MouseMingle, a dating site made especially for hardcore Disney fans.

MouseMingle / Via

The site was created by Dave Tavres, a former Disneyland Railroad engineer and a serious fan.

“There’s a dating site for pot lovers and JDate for Jewish people," Tavres told Los Angeles Magazine.


Why not Disney?

To create a profile, MouseMingle users must identify their favorite Disney songs and products.


Users get to talk nerdy about their movie preferences, too.

According to the site: "Traditional internet dating sites don't understand the passion people have for all things Disney. But we do."



Anyone can view user profiles and photos for free.


But contacting someone requires a $12.55 monthly membership fee.

The site got SO much interest that it's a little overwhelmed.

MouseMingle employees be like, "Woah."

And people have FEELS:

Good luck finding your prince or princess!


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