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19 People Who Triumphed In Times Of Desperation

These people should run for president.

1. This guy who ran out of toilet paper...

And got creative with the roll.

2. This porn-less teen.

Myshaele / Via

All aboard the struggle bus.

3. This totally non-passive-aggressive roommate.

"I said it was your turn to buy the toilet paper."

4. This child.

Excuse me, but I now have weekend plans.

5. This hotel guest.

Calimariwarrior / Via

No bowls in the lobby? Trash can it is.

6. This single lady.

There should be some cats on that sticker.

7. This Domino’s employee looking for love.

Kind of like an OkCupid profile, but different.

8. This parent. / Via

This cocktail uses a kids fruit pouch as a mixer. It's called Desperation.

9. This woman.

celebfanforwin / Via

We pretend to drink from tampons. That's how we get shit done.

10. This hungry computer owner.

Your computer doesn't deserve this.

11. This self-taught plumber.

Because what smells more manly than stale beer residue?

12. This woman.

Alison Caporimo

She's definitely used her flat iron as a panini press.

13. This college student.

CosbySweater69 / Via

It's finals week. We ain't leaving the library — this is how we subsist now.

14. This parent.

Because watermelons are soft inside.

15. This man and his sock.

vladrichdemaclant / Via

Fashion. Forward.

16. This genius.

And by "genius," we mean "high person."

17. This young man and his search for free Wi-Fi.

Well done, gentle sir. Well done.

18. This parent and his offspring.

The human grocery basket.

19. This man.

That's right. 'Twas I who thwarted the rain.