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    17 Cute Summer PJs Every Lazy Girl Will Want To Live In

    'Cuz the snuggle is real.

    1. This sleep tee that's fit for a princess β€” $33

    2. This lipstick PJ set that's every beauty addict's DREAM β€” $14.90

    3. This *epic* Star Wars sleep shirt β€” $38

    4. These light joggers so you can wear your heart on your knee β€” $38.90

    5. This sleep shirt that is GOALS β€” $30

    6. This sleep set that you dreamed of as a child β€” $40

    7. These comfy doughnut PJ pants β€” $12.90

    8. This sleep dress that *gets* you β€” $35

    9. This black matching set that's the color of your soul β€” $38

    10. This tank that's basically you in loungewear form β€” $28.90

    11. This hooded floral nightgown β€” $23.99

    12. This super cute ~egg-hausted~ set β€” $33

    13. This comfy coral sleep-shirt β€” $36.95

    14. This darling v-neck tee β€” $32.90

    15. This "Hello Kitty" flower crown matching set β€” $22.99

    16. This burger-and-fries tee for the coziest night in β€” $20

    17. This cactus PJ set (cuz you prickly in the morning) β€” $40

    Night, gurl.