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15 Home Makeovers You Have To See To Believe

A little bit goes a long way.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Whether you’re looking to sell, or just want to upgrade your place, curb appeal makes a world of difference. / Via

What is this dark magic?! / Via

What is this dark magic?! / Via

What is this dark magic?!

1. Because this "before" photo looks blah, but the "after" is a total fairytale:

Choosing the right paint color can completely transform your house. Learn how to pick the right hue here.

2. And who wouldn't want to host a party in this Mad Men-inspired makeover?

Play up the genre of your place to add instant character. Do you have a '60s vibe, ranch-style home? Look into retro accent colors and mod exterior fixtures.

3. Or get cozy in this lurking-to-lovely transformation?

Tall trees and shrubs can make a small house look smaller. Look for lush ground cover plants and add a few pops of color to build more dimension to your walkway.

4. This metamorphosis went from dull to dollhouse.

Add exterior architectural details to your home—like attractive trim and a stone walkway—to turn a standard structure into a period piece. Learn more about exterior outfitting here.

5. And check out this evolution from demon house to dream house:

Patterned tile accents to your walkway can add color and personality to a neutral-toned house.

6. This home went from kind of creepy to totally classy.

Change the trajectory and length of your walkway to make for a grander entrance on a short lot.

7. And this door can now show its face in the neighborhood.

A brightly colored door is a great way to draw attention to your house and make it feel inviting. Check out this guide to pick the perfect color.

8. This grim nightmare became a walk in the park.

The contrast between a lighter walkway and darker mulch creates an illusion of length to a smaller entrance.

9. And this house was totally basic until it got some makeup.

Use a light trim color to highlight the architectural lines of the house. This will add more shape and dimension to your home's overall appearance.

10. Some houses need a fully-loaded front lawn to seal the deal.

Adding a few steps to your walkway and framing a small garden with a fence adds more interest to a smaller front yard.

11. While others can benefit from a few window boxes.

That was easy. You can buy them here.

12. Faux shutters turned this weird bank into a respectable home:

Get the boards cut at the hardware store and you won’t even need a saw. Get the instructions at House Logic.

13. And this brown paradise got some interesting contrast:

Also, contrasting colors draw more attention to the windows.

14. This home got a pergola and shed its granny vibe.

Remove any wrought iron gates that can dwarf an already small entrance.

15. While this one got instantly cozier with a front door overhang.

Add an awning or overhang to add dimension and substance to simpler ranch-style house.

And for more easy curb appeal ideas, go here.

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