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    13 Totally Creative Things You Can Do With Removable Wallpaper

    In an afternoon!

    1. Vintage Floral Chair

    2. Gold Patterned Tray

    3. Colorful Mini Table

    4. Quickie Headboard

    5. Fresh Clipboards

    Use a pencil to create clipboard outlines on removable wallpaper from Chasing Paper. Apply to shapes to clipboards. Use to display art and inspirational quotes.

    6. Pretty Nightstand

    Cut a thin strip of wallpaper (or use smaller wall decals seen here) and apply it along the sides of the stand. Get the tutorial here.

    7. Graphic Wall Hanging

    8. Dimensional Doors

    9. Coordinated Benches

    10. Print Coasters

    11. Geometric Lampshades

    12. Statement Bookcase

    13. Chic Table Runner