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    17 Impossibly Easy Kitchen DIYs That Only Look Expensive

    Cheap never looked this good.

    Amy Sefton for BuzzFeed

    1. For a cool storage solution, place a tension rod over the stove to hang pots and pans.

    It makes everything easy to grab so you can start cooking as soon as you step into the kitchen. Also, it looks pretty damn baller and sophisticated. See more inspiring photos from Adriaan Louw here.

    2. And use a copper pipe as a paper towel holder.

    The whole thing costs under $10. Get the tutorial here.

    3. You can also stick Command hooks on busy wallpaper for a lazily cool way to store stuff.

    Busy wallpaper distracts from having random hooks on the wall, which makes them look a little more ~baller~ and a little less ~random~. Also, the cuter the stuff you hang, the better. What constitutes cute kitchen stuff: pastel colanders, pretty tea towels, copper pans, tea pots, etc. Learn more about it here.

    4. If you want to upgrade cheap IKEA shelves, spray-paint the hardware gold.

    Houzz / Via

    This Ekby shelf ($22.99) gets a serious makeover with a gilded coat of paint. Get more kitchen makeover ideas here.

    5. For a lazy backsplash, use a patterned wall decal.

    You can use adhesive wallpaper, a large decal, or a stencil (there are some really cool options here) to get this look. This is also a great trick for renters who want to personalize their space. Get the tutorial here.

    6. You can also use marble contact paper ($25) for a chic DIY backsplash.

    It looks so cool and clean. Get more gorgeous kitchen ideas from Sarah Sherman Samuel here.

    7. And while you're at it, put some marble contact paper on the top and sides of the counter for a super high-end ~lewk~.

    IRL marble costs thousands of dollars, but you can get the look from under $30. Also, if the counter gets stained or scratched over time, you can just pull up the contact paper and replace it. See more inspiring kitchen photos here.

    8. If your place is lacking counter space, just merge two kitchen carts together.

    This is an easy, cheap way to DIY a countertop or island. Get more ideas here.

    9. You can also try some open shelving to store stuff and add interest to a blank wall.

    Some people can't stand the sight of open shelving, but displaying the right things can make all the difference in the world. For a lower-impact look, display plates that match the wall color behind it. If you want to have a little more fun, add plants, cool pottery, and colorful dinnerware. Get more amazing ideas here.

    10. DIY a minimalist pegboard for storage that doubles as art.

    What you need: two pegboards, five pieces of bracing wood, and black paint. Julia Child would be proud. Get the tutorial here.

    11. And upgrade your refrigerator with gold duct tape ($5).

    Ruth Eileen Photography / Via

    It totally brightens up the room. See more cool kitchen pictures here.

    12. You can also do dots on your dishwasher.

    Use black color coding labels — you can find them in any office supply store for around $3 or you can buy them here — and stick them all over a clean surface. Learn more about it here.

    13. Use house numbers to make a big empty wall look awesome AF.

    You can also use mailbox numbers (like these for $5). Get more info here.

    14. Or try giant Washi tape to create a faux wallpaper feel.

    If you love Washi tape, odds are you've used the regular size. But MT Casa makes a large washi tape ($9) that's roughly 2 inches thick for some serious stripes. Create stripes around the entire room or just focus on an accent wall.

    15. For a bar cart that'll impress everyone, put wheels and handles on an Ikea Kallax bookshelf ($49.99).

    Skinny brass pulls give this cart a modern look. Get the tutorial here.

    16. Or spray-paint a cheap service cart gold and use the bottom for storage.

    You can get the cart here ($39.99) and a can of high-shine gold spray paint here ($6.58). Go here for the tutorial.

    17. And if you're feeling creative, secure an old suitcase to a TV table for a cool, creative bar.

    Find out how to do it here.

    Your new kitchen decor is going to be on fire.

    Columbia Pictures

    Hopefully not literally.

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