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    This YSL Coloring Book Is The Chicest Stress-Reliever Ever

    It's def on North West's wish list.

    Are you completely obsessed with fashion?

    Ellen / Via

    Werk it, gurl.

    And do you love coloring more than anything in the world? / Via

    My dating profile proudly preaches, "This Aquarius does NOT stay inside the lines."

    Then meet your new BFF: the Yves Saint Laurent coloring book.

    Arsenal Pulp Press

    Yves Saint Laurent headed the House of Dior at the age of 21 before launching his own design house at age 25. Can you say BALLER? He's also known for the "beatnik" look of the ’60s and the women's tuxedo suit.

    The book’s 48 line drawings are based on the designer’s original sketches over the years.

    Arsenal Pulp Press

    The sketches are also accompanied by photos of the looks IRL for reference.

    And the pages are truly ~inspired~.

    Arsenal Pulp Press

    Brush up on your fashion knowledge and relieve a little stress while you're at it.

    Remember the iconic Mondrian dress?

    Arsenal Pulp Press

    Fashion was never the same after its appearance in 1965.

    And what about this stunning Matisse-inspired look?

    Arsenal Pulp Press

    YSL showed some serious love to the French Postimpressionists with this collection.

    You can totally color your way to fashion greatness.

    The book will be available online and wherever books are sold in May.

    Color me ~couture~.

    CW TV / Via Tumblr user Mackudokey

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