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    15 Photos That Prove College Kids Are Smarter Than Us All

    Absolutely, positively, mind-bendingly brilliant.

    1. Using a coffee pot to make dinner.

    This is the frat house. These hotdogs are the closest we get to gourmet.

    2. Dressing up — just enough. / Via

    That's fine. I'm not wearing pants either.

    3. Saving money on life's necessities.

    Waste not...

    4. Turning a stool into a trash can.

    The world is your Room of Requirement.

    5. Using a bottle opener collar to ensure animals are properly cared for.

    "He wonders why he's been getting so much attention in our college house..."

    6. Finding time to relax anywhere.

    Palm trees, schmalm trees.

    7. Hacking motivation tactics.

    I still got a degree!

    8. Innovating anti-snooze approaches.

    Wake up...or bleed.

    9. Using frozen treats for medical purposes.

    Points lost on wasting the purple ones.

    10. Reinventing the hoodie.

    You call this a hoodie. I call this a bowl.

    11. Saving time with furniture assembly.

    I still can't figure out what's going on with that window.

    12. Using drawers for dinner.

    Push the drawer back in and it doubles as a trashcan.

    13. Making the most of their space.

    Leaves more room for activities.

    14. Using a box as a bed.

    If I fit, I sit.

    15. Saving money on Wi-Fi.

    Costs $0 and my glutes look amazing.

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