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15 Brilliant Coffee Gadgets You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Your a.m. will never be the same again.

1. This cup that will instantly turn hot coffee into iced:

2. This mug that's also a French press:

3. This measuring spoon that will also clip your coffee bag closed:

4. Or this super-minimalist one:

5. This cup that lets you make espresso in the microwave:

6. This coffee grinder that releases exactly 1 tablespoon of ground coffee at the push of a button:

7. This cup will tell you when your coffee is the perfect temperature:

8. This portable cup holder so you can take your coffee literally everywhere:

9. This cup holder that fits perfectly onto your rolling suitcase handle:

10. This French press in a bag — all you do is pour in water, let it brew for four minutes, and drink:

11. This filtering glass straw so you can drink a cup that still has the grounds in it:

12. This coffee press that makes one to four cups of coffee in 60 seconds:

13. This stainless steel bean that cools down your coffee and sustains it at the perfect temperature:

14. This USB-heated travel mug that you can plug into your computer to keep your drink warm:

15. And lastly, this coffee faucet: