15 Clothing Charts That'll Change The Way You Dress

    Eat, drink, and be ready for selfies.

    1. To pick your perfect outfit, figure out which colors look best together.

    2. And stick to colors that make sense for the season.

    3. If you're looking to get *festive* with a plaid, make sure you know which one.

    4. The same thing goes for knowing your skirt silhouettes...

    5. And dresses, too...

    6. And even collars.

    7. If you're going to rock a button-up, master the art of rolling your sleeves.

    8. If you're wearing boots with your holiday look, tuck them in like a pro.

    9. Before you go shoe shopping, add these terms to your arsenal.

    10. To filter your shoe search even more, know exactly what heel shape you're looking for.

    11. Learn how to iron your shirts ~efficiently~ so you don't show up to your mom's house looking like a wrinkled mess.

    12. Find the perfect necklace depending on your neckline.

    13. And if you're shopping for necklaces online, know what length to get.

    14. In a pinch, you can turn your dress into a skirt.

    15. And lastly, know how to remove stains so that you don't ruin your clothes within a few hours.

    Get it, you damn stylish thang.