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21 Insanely Cute And Simple Dollar Store Halloween Costumes That Are Gifts From God

It doesn't take a lot of money to look this expensive.

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2. Glue poms-poms onto a tank top to make a cute gumball machine.

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Cut out a few pieces of felt and glue them onto a red skirt for the machine details. This costume can cost you under $10! Get the tutorial here.


4. For a quick Moaning Myrtle costume, get a cheap toilet seat and some glasses.

Cheap toilet seats tend to be super lightweight, which is bad if you're sitting on them but great if you're wearing them around your neck. Put your hair in pigtails and draw on some tears with eyeliner to really rock the look. Learn more about it here.

7. To get this look from The Shining, all you need is foam core and a toy axe.

To make the "door" look realistic, either use a damp tea bag to create a distressed wood effect or apply woodgrain contact paper to the foam core before cutting. Go thrifting for a red jacket and you're all set. Get more info here.


9. To become R2-D2, you need a white dress, markers, colored tape, and a bicycle helmet.

latenightmischief of http://craftster.ord; Marla Munoz of / Via

If you're not skilled in the art department, you can also print out a free R2-D2 template like this one, print it out, and tape it to your dress or shirt. Get more info here.

11. Poke white pipe cleaners into green sweats to make a super cozy cactus costume.

Use your fingers to strip off about half of the pipe cleaner fluff before pushing the bare end into your fabric. Knot the wire end to keep it in place and prevent it from stabbing you. You can also take this process and use it to create other spiky costumes like, say, a porcupine. Go here.


13. Glue fake crows onto a cheap jacket for some Alfred Hitchcock realness.

Glue a few extra birds onto a thick headband and add a little fake blood to look like you stepped off the set of The Birds. Get more ideas here.