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21 Life-Changing Travel Charts You Wish You Knew About Sooner

From packing hacks to flying tricks to budgeting solutions and beyond.

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2. And don't over-pack it.

Avoid packing heavy things that you can buy at your destination. For one, the extra weight can bump a carry-on bag into checked luggage territory. Also, it'll take up space for a few smaller things that you would get more use out of.


5. Choose a seat that best fits your needs.

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If you're carrying on your luggage, opt for a seat in the back. If you get an aisle seat, mind your elbows because the food and drink cart can bump them. And if you're on a long flight and desperate for sleep, sit in a window seat as far from the bathroom as possible to avoid slamming/flushing/chatting sounds.


7. Make sure your carry-on is just right to avoid extra fees.

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Most airlines will not let you carry on luggage that exceeds a certain weight. Weigh your luggage to make sure you don't get stuck.

8. And keep certain items out of your hand luggage to avoid a TSA field day.

It can be easy to forget which items are banned on airplanes. For example, you can carry on tweezers but not a corkscrew. Go through this checklist so you don't end up losing your stuff to the TSA. Get more info here.

9. Try these in-flight tricks to feel refreshed when you step off the plane.

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Two words: DRINK WATER. You can still have your bloody mary (especially if you're getting it for free on an international flight), but make sure to drink water, as well.


20. Consider couch surfing to save money.

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Some travelers SWEAR by coach surfing as way to make new friends, save money, and tap into a network of cool travelers. To find out if couch surfing is right for you, go here.