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21 Life-Changing Travel Charts You Wish You Knew About Sooner

From packing hacks to flying tricks to budgeting solutions and beyond.

1. First, pick a bag that's just right for your vacation.

2. And don't over-pack it.

3. Learn how to fit everything into your suitcase.

4. If you're backpacking, learn how to distribute your pack weight like a pro.

5. Choose a seat that best fits your needs.

6. And prep for a long flight to make it feel less hellish.

7. Make sure your carry-on is just right to avoid extra fees.

8. And keep certain items out of your hand luggage to avoid a TSA field day.

9. Try these in-flight tricks to feel refreshed when you step off the plane.

10. If you're flying with a pet, follow this checklist:

11. Get a vehicle check-up before embarking on your adventure.

12. And get better gas mileage on your drive.

13. For car camping, follow this checklist:

14. If you're traveling with kids, play fun road trip games.

15. And if you're driving with a pet, remember these things:

16. Pick a location that fits your budget.

17. And know what you can get for your money.

18. When it comes to booking your flight, a little strategy can save a lot of money.

19. If you're traveling abroad, know how tipping works at your destination.

20. Consider couch surfing to save money.

21. And lastly, figure out if travel insurance could actually wind up saving your a lot of money.