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    19 Camping Hacks That Might Actually Save Your Life One Day

    Be prepared.

    1. Use duct tape to close a wound.

    2. Turn your watch into a compass.

    3. Wear panty hose under your pants to try to prevent hypothermia.

    4. Absorb dew with a shirt—and you've got filtered water.

    "Dew is a water source that doesn't need purification," says Stewart. "Soak up dew on grass early in the morning using a t-shirt or bandana and wring it directly into your mouth or a container. I've gathered as much as 2 gallons in 1 hour."

    5. Use a bra cup as a debris mask.

    6. Make a gallon of water into a cordless lamp during a blackout.

    7. Use tin foil to turn AAA batteries into AA batteries.

    8. Eat these two plants without dying.

    Dandelion and yellow wood sorrel (a type of clover) are common plants that are safe to eat, according to Stewart.

    9. Use bike lights as night lights.

    10. Make lint and petroleum jelly fire starters.

    If you need to make a fire, start it with an easy fuel-extender. Roll a ball of lint (or a cotton ball) in some petroleum jelly (or a petroleum-jelly-based lip balm like Carmex), according to Stewart. Light the jelly ball and let the flames begin.

    11. Turn toilet paper into an emergency cast.

    12. Cook something simple over a candle.

    13. Pack your toothpaste and toothbrush all-in-one.

    14. Don't be afraid to eat cheese (it's most likely the only dairy product that will last you).

    15. Drop ice cubes into a thermos or bowl if you lose power.

    16. Use Crisco and a t-shirt to make an everlasting candle.

    17. Waterproof your shoes with lip balm.

    18. Turn a cat food can into a stove.

    19. Cuddle with pets if you're cold.

    Go forth and be safe.