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    This #DogBun Trend Is The Cutest Thing To Happen To The Internet

    Put a bun on it.

    1. You thought man buns were the hottest internet hair trend...until now.

    2. Lo and behold: the dog bun.

    3. Some buns are high and tight.

    4. While others are a little more ~casual~.

    5. There are dogs who rock a bun like Miley Cyrus.

    6. And others that look exactly like you during finals week.

    7. Some dogs have hipster topknots.

    8. And others look like ballerinas.

    9. And others still make you goddamn thirsty.

    10. Buns for thick hair? Yes.

    11. Thin hair? Claro que si.

    12. Wavy hair? There's a bun for that, too.

    13. Curly? HELLL YESSSSSS.

    14. There are dogs with hungover-style buns.

    15. And dogs that are still drunk with buns.

    16. And dogs who just drank some Pedialyte, popped an aspirin, and are trying to make it to brunch with buns.

    17. And dogs who finally made it back home to watch Netflix with buns.

    18. Buns for every special occasion in a dog's life.

    19. All hail the dog bun!

    Disclaimer: If you try to make a dog bun on your dog and they seem uncomfortable, just leave them alone.