We Got Eyebrow Extensions And The Transformations Were Unreal

Brows on the fleekiest of fleek.

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If you've ever had a bone to pick with your brows, then welcome to the club. Now that bold, thick eyebrows have become the trend, it seems like nothing and no one is ever quite up to par...unless, of course, you're Cara Delevingne.

Which is why we decided to go whole hog on those hairy horizontal parentheses above our eyeballs. Sure we've tweezed them, and yes we've filled them in with shadows and pencils, but there just isn't that natural ~je ne sais quoi~.

So wut the wut are eyebrow extenstions?

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The answer to this question is as simple as it is totally insane: A brow technician uses tweezers to dip tiny synthetic eyebrow hairs into skin-safe glue and, one by one, gently sticks the hairs onto your skin — thus creating a brow where before there was none. The results, which are supposed to last for two weeks and can cost anywhere between $75 to $350 per person, look ridiculously realistic. You can learn more about how eyebrow extensions work here.

When it came time to get started, we were a little nervous...

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But hopeful!

Kristin: "I want them to finally be full and flawless so I can finally live out my brows-on-fleek dreams."

And then the technicians got to work.

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The process took a little under two hours per person. After those sleek little follicles were in place, we learned the rules. The first rule of brow extensions is: You do not touch the brow extensions. Avoid washing them, accidentally rubbing them, and please for all that is holy, do not SWEAT. (JK sweating is OK, but it will make them fall off faster.)

With our baller brows in tow, we spent two weeks documenting our experiences...

Jenny Chang / Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

The problem: I've always been insecure about my brows (I religiously fill them in with MAC’s Stud brow pencil). I wanted nothing more than for my brows to have shape, color, and most importantly a Queen Bey presence.

The results: After the super-relaxing process of having them applied, I saw the GLORIOUS final look. They looked so natural! Though having extensions saved time in the morning (when I'd normally be drawing my brows on), that time was then spent caring for them. Washing my face took twice as long because I had to make sure no face cleanser or moisturizer got anywhere near them. By day six, almost all of them had fallen off due to sweating.

Jenny Chang / Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

The problem: My biggest annoyance with my brows is that they've completely thinned out on the edges. Also, the hairs go in all kinds of directions.

The results:
They looked so natural. The first day I woke up with the extensions, I weirdly felt more put together. And not having to spend the time drawing them in was fantastic. But trying to wash my face was problematic. It felt like I had two eyebrow stickers attached to my face so I didn’t want to go ANYWHERE near them.

Jenny Chang / Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

The problem: They’re too thin! The women in my family lose their brows as they get older, so I’m kind of paranoid about that.

The results: The extensions made my brows look like what I call “Tumblr eyebrows,” kind of big and boxy in the center, which I expected. But washing my face was TERRIFYING. I was so careful while washing my forehead that I did a bad job of it and my forehead was shiny for three days.

Jenny Chang / Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

The problem: They stop a little short and are thinner than I would like, tbh. I’m hoping to look like Khaleesi from Game of Thrones and not have to draw ‘em on to be thicker.

The results: They looked fierce, like how I would photoshop them. Somehow I envisioned them being a little more dramatic, but I’m glad they kept it natural-looking. Honestly, I was probably less hygienic the week I had them on because I couldn’t get them wet. Trying to get them to not fall off was a little stressful.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Jenny: It was SUCH a great experience, but I don’t ever see myself getting them again unless it’s for a special occasion (maybe a wedding?). The cost, time, and care seem to outweigh the results. In a way, I’ve come to terms with my actual brows and learned that nothing comes easy.

Kristin: I loved being able to see my bold brows, and the extension experience was easy breezy. But it was kind of a bummer that they barely lasted a week. Maybe they would last longer in the winter when you're not sweating? That being said, once you see what your brows can look like it’s like a strange high that you want again! Especially after seeing them return to their natural state.

Tracy: Do it if you have the coin! It’s a cool experience — good for a special occasion — but I’d also stress how aware of your face you have to be. As a big face-toucher, I missed touching my face. My face had separation anxiety.

Sarah: You should try it for a special event! For people with really sparse or thin brows, it's pretty amazing, but the upkeep is just so tedious. Maybe eyebrow wigs are the future?

Eyebrow extensions from Wink Brow Bar were provided to BuzzFeed Life at a discount.

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