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    You Won't Believe What This Spa Uses In Its Facials

    Apparently, it's not just for babies.

    Chicago-based spa Mud is offering a new ingredient in their facials: Breast milk.

    Mud Facial Bar / Via

    "I got the idea from my pregnant girlfriends who started to learn a lot about breast milk from mommy blogs," Mud president Shama Patel tells BuzzFeed Life of the $50 treatment. "A lot of women use breast milk to calm irritations and heal small cuts on their children's skin—and their own."

    Breast milk is added to a clay base and then massaged into the skin with glass balls for 7 minutes.

    Mud Facial Bar / Via

    "Breast milk has certain antibodies that smooth and re-texturize the skin better than cow's milk can," according to Patel.

    The milk comes from donors who eat organic and are mostly vegan.

    "The breast milk is dropped off fresh," says Patel. The facial bar went through a breast milk bank to find liberal donors (since some donors specify that they want their milk used for infants only).

    That being said, there aren't any studies that prove breast milk facials work.

    "There's nothing inherent about breast milk that's either stronger or superior to cow's milk when it comes to inflammation," dermatologist Dr. David E. Bank, director of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery, tells BuzzFeed Life. "With using breast milk, which is unpasteurized, you run the risk of contamination with bacteria that can block your pores."

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