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16 Super Helpful Charts If You're Blessed In The Boob Department

Decode those boulder holders.

1. Know what kind of bra you're looking for to please those two happy customers.

When picking up a balcony bra, the fit is absolutely crucial to avoid any boob lines or indentations that are visible through your shirt.

2. Identify your boob type so you can pick a bra that does the heavy lifting.

To get killer cleavage with bell shape breasts, opt for a balcony bra with padding at the bottom. Learn more about boob shapes and the beautiful bras that fit them at ThirdLove.

3. Actually understand WTF your bra size means.

Style Guru / Via

Understanding cup size versus chest size is crucial.

4. Know that the size of your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder depends on A LOT of different things.

Like the firmness of your boobs and the width of your back and shoulders.

5. Get your measurements ON LOCK.

This is super helpful if you want to buy cute lingerie online. Speaking of which, here are beautiful lingerie shops that aren't Victoria's Secret.

6. After you've measured, subtract your chest size from your breast size to get your beloved ~cup size~.

Style Guru / Via

If the different between your breast and chest measurements is around 7 inches, then you're a D cup.

7. You might fit into a sister size better than your ~measured~ size depending on the shape of your boobs.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

Sister size bras have the same cup capacity even though they’re different sizes. All of the cup sizes that are on the same horizontal line across the chart are sister sizes. Learn more about sister sizes here.

8. Not sure about band-to-bust ratio? Check this out:

Cup volume increases when your band size increases, which can be a bummer if you need a bra to fit more comfortably while still providing the same cup support for your boobs. This is where sister sizes can SAVE YOUR DAMN LIFE.

9. Note the three key signs that your bra is too small.

If you have spillover with the center pulling away from your body and the underwire poking into your ribcage, ABORT MISSION. Even if you have one of these symptoms, odds are a sister size might suit you better.

10. To get the perfect sports bra, figure out your biggest, boobiest issue.

SELF / Via

Is it that the straps are too tight? Or maybe you're bouncing to the moon with every stride of your morning run? Figuring our your sports bra probs can really help you find the right fit.

11. And take these tips into consideration when you want to keep those bountiful boobs in place:

SELF / Via

For big boobs, compression fit and clasping bands are your BFFs.

12. If you're traveling to another country or you're buying a bra from an international company, know your converted band size...

So if you're a 34C at home, you'll be a 90C when you're studying abroad in Paris.

13. And you can use the chart below to see your converted cup size:

If you're a DDD, then you're an E in England and an F in the rest of Europe. If you have big boobs, you already know that sizing letters get all kinds of crazy after DDD since brands have their own classifications.

14. Figure out your biggest bra ~qualms~.

For example, if the center part digs into your chest, then the band is too small. If the straps hurt, then they're too thin and the band is probably too thin, as well.

15. To pick the perfect type of bra, put some extra thought into your cup sitch.

For example: How do your breats ~sit~ in your bra? If they're resting a little shallow, then you should try out some sister sizes.

16. This small tip will actually change the lifespan of your bras:

Victoria's Secret / Via

If you try on a few bras and find yourself hovering around the middle or tightest hook, then you need a smaller band.