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16 Super Helpful Charts If You're Blessed In The Boob Department

Decode those boulder holders.

1. Know what kind of bra you're looking for to please those two happy customers.

2. Identify your boob type so you can pick a bra that does the heavy lifting.

3. Actually understand WTF your bra size means.

4. Know that the size of your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder depends on A LOT of different things.

5. Get your measurements ON LOCK.

6. After you've measured, subtract your chest size from your breast size to get your beloved ~cup size~.

7. You might fit into a sister size better than your ~measured~ size depending on the shape of your boobs.

8. Not sure about band-to-bust ratio? Check this out:

9. Note the three key signs that your bra is too small.

10. To get the perfect sports bra, figure out your biggest, boobiest issue.

11. And take these tips into consideration when you want to keep those bountiful boobs in place:

12. If you're traveling to another country or you're buying a bra from an international company, know your converted band size...

13. And you can use the chart below to see your converted cup size:

14. Figure out your biggest bra ~qualms~.

15. To pick the perfect type of bra, put some extra thought into your cup sitch.

16. This small tip will actually change the lifespan of your bras: