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15 Striking Blackout Tattoos That Almost Look Unreal


1. Blackout tattoos involve tattooing large areas of the body in ~solid~ black ink.

oddtattooer; Oracle Tattoo / Via

"It takes a lot of patience and technical skills to pack solid black," Chester Lee, a 29-year-old tattoo artist at Oracle Tattoo in Singapore, told BuzzFeed. The scalloped chest piece above took Lee roughly 20 hours to complete.

2. The look is inspired by neo-tribal tattoos, which evolved from ancient sacred tribal markings, according to Lee.

oddtattooer; Oracle Tattoo / Via

Over time, a lot of these tattoos borrow from the past to create new, trendier styles, Lee explained.

3. "People usually get blackout tattoos as cover-ups," Lee said.

Alex Santaloci; Tattoo Bill's / Via

Look at that transformation.

4. If you want to cover up some tattoos and not others, you can just add blackout ink around your fave piece.

Terry James / Via

Look at those flowers basking in a ray of light.

5. But some people LOVE blackout tats for their striking, graphic ~lewks~.

kylebigwood / Via Instagram: @kylebigwood


6. Look at that textural black limb.

maxrathbone_tattooer; Second City Tattoo Club / Via

Just WHOA.

7. And this strong ink that gently fades into the elbow and wrist.

Bryce Garnham; Rough Diamond Tattoo / Via

Plus the tiny dots that compose the chevron cuff at the bottom.

8. Look at that bold leg.

oddtattooer / Oracle Tattoo / Via

So architectural.

9. Or this memorable back.

adyfarrians; Benih Bumi Tattoo / Via

That spine really does stand out.

10. What about this inky arm that ends in a bloom?

oddtattooer; Oracle Tattoo / Via

So dark and romantic.

11. And then there's this HONEYCOMB BACK.

Neo Tattoos / Via


12. And this striated arm situation.

Roxx; 2 Spirit Tattoo / Via

A nipple never did look better.

13. Let's not forget these blackout cuffs.

Sasha Masiuk / Via

You don't have to go big to go home.

14. Or just go for it with these dimensional blackout sleeves.

nathanmouldtattoo / Via


15. Better yet, just commit already and cover your entire body.

Gakkin and Kenji Alucky / Via

And become a beautiful mythical creature of your own doing.