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15 Striking Blackout Tattoos That Almost Look Unreal


1. Blackout tattoos involve tattooing large areas of the body in ~solid~ black ink.

2. The look is inspired by neo-tribal tattoos, which evolved from ancient sacred tribal markings, according to Lee.

3. "People usually get blackout tattoos as cover-ups," Lee said.

4. If you want to cover up some tattoos and not others, you can just add blackout ink around your fave piece.

5. But some people LOVE blackout tats for their striking, graphic ~lewks~.

6. Look at that textural black limb.

7. And this strong ink that gently fades into the elbow and wrist.

8. Look at that bold leg.

9. Or this memorable back.

10. What about this inky arm that ends in a bloom?

11. And then there's this HONEYCOMB BACK.

12. And this striated arm situation.

13. Let's not forget these blackout cuffs.

14. Or just go for it with these dimensional blackout sleeves.

15. Better yet, just commit already and cover your entire body.