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    You Will Want To Marry And Have Babies With This Lumberjack Cake

    Get ready to feel hungry and ~thirsty~.

    Do lumberjacks make you ~thirsty~?

    Luckybusiness / Getty Images

    Mmmmmmm, tasty.

    Well, get ready to feel HUNGRY AF with this lumberjack-inspired cake.

    Elizabeth Marek / Via

    Goddess cake artist Elizabeth Marek, owner of the Portland, Oregon-based Artisan Cake Company is responsible for making the axe-and-stump masterpiece.

    What makes this cake so magical is the EDIBLE axe made of chocolate and fondant.

    Elizabeth Marek / Via


    And if you thought it couldn't get any better, THE DAMN THING IS PLAID INSIDE.

    Elizabeth Marek / Via

    The cake flavors are chocolate, red velvet and yellow cake with chocolate ganache, Marek told The Huffington Post.


    Elizabeth Marek / Via

    If you want to bake your own, Marek offers an in-depth tutorial upon subscription to her website Sugar Geek Show.

    I can already hear the wedding bells.

    Elizabeth Marek / Via

    Let's just run away and get married.

    *~*~And they lived happily ever after.~*~*

    Aid / Getty Images / Alison Caporimo