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A Tim Burton–Themed Bar Is Coming To New York City

Creepy cocktails galore.

Is Tim Burton your ~soulmate~?

If you're nodding your head, you've definitely dressed up like Sally for Halloween at least once, you totally own Edward Scissorhands on an actual DVD, and you know that you were oddly sexually awakened by Beetlejuice.

Then get ready to howl in delightful horror at the new TIM BURTON–THEMED BAR COMING TO NYC.

Alison Caporimo / Warner Bros. Pictures

Beetle House is set to open in the East Village at the end of April. Zach Neil and Brian Link — who are also owners of the Will Ferrell–themed bar Stay Classy — are the magicians behind this project.

The bar will serve up cocktails that are inspired by Burton's movies, like this Chocolate Factory martini:

Facebook: Beetlehousenyc


Or this pumpkin-infused This Is Halloween drink:

Facebook: Beetlehousenyc

Ingredients include pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple liqueurs with dashes of apple cider and ginger beer, according to the bar's Facebook page.

Or this utterly DECADENT We Come in Peace beverage:

Facebook: Beetlehousenyc

What's inside: salted caramel vodka, RumChata, and cream with a caramel-salted rim. HOT DAMN.

The bar will also offer dishes like Edward Burger Hands, Cheshire Mac, and Victor Van Pork.

20th Century Fox

The food menu includes appetizers, entrees, desserts, and sides that range from $8 to $30 (for the 16-ounce fillet of Sweeney Beef). Cocktails are priced between $12 and $16.

And occupying the space that formerly housed Confessional bar, the owners might be able to keep a few of the space's slightly gothic original details.

Like chandeliers INSIDE cages? Totes Burton, amiright?

Beetle House is currently accepting restaurant reservations via its website.


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