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    This Woman Completely Erases Her Acne With Makeup And It's Mind-Blowing

    Don't you bring me down today.

    Meet Em Ford, a self-taught London-based makeup artist.

    Ford also runs a blog and YouTube channel called My Pale Skin where she talks makeup tutorials...

    ...and acne.

    Since starting her blog, Ford has received over 100,000 negative comments about her face.

    So Ford made a video to address the haters.

    "At first, it was heartbreaking and incredibly upsetting," Ford says.

    "But after a while, I realized that as long as I am happy and accepting of myself, it doesn't matter what other people think."

    As for her blog, she couldn't be prouder.

    "I've learned to accept my skin on the good days and the bad days," she says.

    "You could have flawless skin and still not feel good enough if you search for beauty in the wrong places."