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    14 Models With Albinism Who Are Taking The Fashion World By Storm

    So much pretty.

    1. Jewell Jeffrey

    2. Nastya Zhidkova

    @kiker_chan / Via

    This Moscow-based law student is brilliant and beautiful.

    3. Thando Hopa

    4. Refilwe Modiselle

    @refilwemodiselle / Via

    Modiselle is the first woman with albinism to walk a runway in South Africa because she's a damn BOSS LADY.

    5. Connie Chiu

    6. Amal Sofi

    @Amal Sofi / Via

    This 18-year-old Russian model has a face that's so handsome it hurts.

    7. Stephen Thompson

    Those cheek bones can CUT you.

    8. Alyona Subbotina

    Instagram: @alyonasubbotina

    This Kazakhstani model is strikingly gorgeous.

    9. Albi X

    @albi_x_model / Via

    The fashion killer is based in Germany and you will fall in love with his style ASAP.

    10. Shaun Ross

    @shaundross / Via

    Ross has modeled for a ton of designers (including Alexander McQueen). He also starred in Beyonce's "Pretty Hurts" music video.

    11. Diandra Forrest

    @diandraforrest / Via Instagram: @diandraforrest

    This stunner is also an advocate for albino youth in Tanzania. ROLE. MODEL.

    12. Dessyslava

    13. Adama Dosso

    http://@adama.dosso / Via

    Paris is lucky to have this style-setter.

    14. Sir Maejor