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    23 Baby Names That Every Makeup Addict Will Want For Their Firstborn

    Meet my firstborn, Essie!

    1. Essie


    Name your baby after your fave brand ever.

    2. Ombre

    http://@beauty.sold / Via

    Totally daring.

    3. Nars

    Nars / Via

    Bold and to-the-point.

    4. Matte

    @charlottes_beauty_bites / Via

    Pronounce it as Matt; nickname it Matty.

    5. Julep

    Julep / Via

    What an honor to be named after your fave nail polish AND a deliciously minty alcoholic bev.

    6. Shadow

    Mac / Via

    So mysterious.

    7. Illamasqua

    Illamasqua / Via

    How pretty.

    8. Mica

    Maybelline / Via

    As in the powder in your Make Up For Ever HD pressed powder.

    9. Lancome

    Lancome / Via

    Such a striking androgynous name.

    10. Bronzer

    ColourPop / Via

    Just ~Bronze~ for short.

    11. Orly

    Orly / Via

    Hold on...changing my name rn.

    12. Kiehl

    Khiel's / Via

    Just imagine talking to your friends about your precious teen like, "Khiel's skincare regimen is really on-point."

    13. Shimmer

    ColourPop / Via

    To reflect their *sparkling* personality.

    14. Stila

    Stila / Via

    It sounds totally chic.

    15. Mascara

    Mac / Via

    So creative yet classic.

    16. Lorac

    Lorac / Via

    A name that feels equals parts hard and soft.

    17. Mac

    Mac / Via

    Because they're destined for greatness.

    18. Avon

    Avon / Via

    Why not name your pride and joy after the fairy godmother that used to visit your house?

    19. Colour

    ColourPop / Via

    Middle name: Pop.

    20. Kyliner

    @kingkylie / Via

    All hail.

    21. Maybelline

    Maybelline / Via

    Maybel for short!

    22. Micellar

    @holygrailproducts / Via

    Kind of sounds like a French version of Michelle.

    23. And lastly, Sephora

    @_bsmakeup_ / Via

    Named after the mother ship!

    Good luck baby-namin'.

    Estée Lauder